Monday, June 15, 2015

Aproove Five announced

After the launch of Aproove Express for Enfocus Switch, Aproove will launch the second 100% Cloud product of the range : Aproove Five.

This new product is a Turnkey solution for small creative team. This version allows you to invite an unlimited number of guests, so all your projects and all your clients can be part of your Aproove without side effect for storing files, sharing ideas and manage efficiently projects.

A new DRIVE feature is now part of Aproove and allows you to store up to 250 GB of data of any kind. Previewing any kind of file type including Photoshop, DOCX, Powerpoint (150+ file format supported) without installing anything on your computer. This storage is using the Microsoft Azure Cloud secure service will a fully redundant infrastructure with no downtime in case of failure.

State of the Art Aproove technology for Online proofing and project management with no hassle, no click charge and no contract is now available starting 420 Euro/Month.

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