Tracking routing progress

When a proof is ready, you will see it realtime in the workflow tracking. the head section of the appropriate revision will show a figure that represent the number of proofs that are in that current step. Clicking it will show more details about who is involved, what is the current status and why not editing settings like adding other reviewers, force going to next step without waiting,... All the obvious task you may require to manage day to day flow.

Progress step will make the proofs to move to the next step with their corresponding members (other reviewers for example). The progress will be triggered when the step condition is reached. This can be an event condition (guest answer, combination of, or simply hitting a deadline).

Step Details

The step details will give you informations on :

- The relevant pages or elements
- The recipient (one line per recipient, even if you sent it to all of them together in order to track them individually)
- A task status : SENT, OPENED, CANCELED
- A deadline with a color code for dashboard (see dashboard colors)
- A trash to cancel the task instantly
- An action button for overiding progress to next step (this will cancel pending tasks as well)

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