Proofs status tracking

You can track proofs from the My project menu item on the side. From this screen you can track both Tasks and proofs. Please find below the Proofs tracking details. For more information on Tracking your project's tasks, click here

My project view

The main project tracking window have also the proof tracking parts on the right of the grid.

Proofs status colors

On the right of the project list, you will find the proof status of each project.
The color bar parts are very easy to understand :

- BLANK : proof without any status yet, like new proofs are.
- ORANGE : proof with comments on it.
- GREEN : Approved proofs in the project
- RED : REJECTED Proofs in the project

Inside each of the proof's status blocks, you will find the count of each of the status.

To get more information, just click on the project line and you will get access to project details and proof details. Click here for getting access to Project details help.

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