Project creation with proof submission section

Using invitation flow, you can organize the proofs to be submitted by one or more guest. Invitation flow will help you in automatically querying guests to do it. For accessing the flow diagram at project run time, go in the project details menu and click on Workflow/show.

Project creation section of invitation flow

When creating the project, if you choose a workflow with a "project creation" section, you will be able to define the guests that would be queried to send proofs (see flow creation for this)
At run time, when project is started, you will discover a summary diagram of the flow you have designed or chosen. In this view you will see on top the multiple section of the project lifecycle (Creation + Revisions). In the creation head section, you will see the number of pending task. In this case, this is a proof submission task. If you click on the head section, you will access to the details in the section where you will see the pending proof submission requests. In the sample screen, there is one pending request with status "SENT". This status will evolved by going through multiple states : SENT, OPENED, FINALIZED or CANCELED (by a project manager for any reason).
In this window, you can also edit settings like adding or removing Guests on the fly, force going to next step (this will cancel pending request automatically).

When Guest has opened the invitation, this is what you will get. Please note that this status is a realtime status.

Proof or file submission is now done, the flow will refresh automatically.

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