Thumbnails and surrounding tools

The thumbnail area allows a quick access to any of your visuals.
Rolling your mouse over a thumbnail reveals the preview and a click will simply open the page on the right in an optimized display

Original vignettes

The Thumbnails

bullet 1 Select / unselect this visual

bullet 2 Visual number in the project (can be page number in case of Brochure)

bullet 3Version number of the visual (version 3 here)

bullet 4Approve or reject this visual

bullet 5Note signal (there is one or more notes on the visual)

Original navigation

Navigation and group action

bullet 1 Navigate through pages

bullet 2 Download selected visuals (low, mid or high resolution version or originals)

bullet 3 Flipbook view (accessible when project is a multi page document)

bullet 4 Display bookmarks if present in original asset

bullet 5 Select ALL for group action(approve, reject, download, invite)

bullet 6 Production view, gives you an overview of all thumbnails (Flat plan or contact sheet)

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