Reviewing proofs


Annotate a proof is the heart of the reviewing process. Aproove propose you multiple ways of annotating a proof in regards of its nature. A document will enable text annotation, while a movie will enable frame annotation. Click here to see ways of annotating.
After you put your first note, you can decide if you expect comments on it by leaving the "allow comments" check box selected.

Comments on notes

Commenting a existing note is very easy, just select the note in the note list on the right tab and append a comment or reply to any comment. For involving someone here, just use the @ mention capability.

@ Mentions

Involving reviewers or guest to any annotation thread is very easy. Just go in any of the notes' comment and start typing using the @ char. the full list of your contact is therefore accessible, just select a contact from the list or simply type his/her name after the @ char. If it is not in your address book, just type his/her email address after the @ char. So for instance, if you wish to contact, just type in the reply field and then start typing your comment or message addressed to this/these person (if you have typed multiple @ mentions). Automatically, your guest will get a notification/invitation to reach this area of the project with a single click without any login or password in order to check your comment and start replying if required.

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