Creating a basic 2 STEP Routing flow (2 review groups)

Creating a proof routing flow is a very simple process. The creation process is relying on our convenient Project Creation Wizard where you can easily tell Aproove who to involve with what and who will be involved of moving to the next STEP.

Please note that this section implies that you are already familiar with a simple project creation. You can go here to get help on this process


Workflow Sample

This sample workflow will enable 2 groups of reviewers to be involved sequentially :
- Internal group
- Art Director

For this, you need 2 STEPS to be added to the Proof routing flow. The next operation is to specify who will be part of each of the STEPS to do whatever they have been tasked to do.

The screenshot shows the steps proof routing flow. We will now go in the details of each of the steps and explain settings.

Reviewers setup in each STEP

In the Add reviewers section of the creation wizard (1), you can see all the STEPS already added to the project. At any moment, you can add a new step here.

In the first STEP (2) (Internal Reviewing), We've added 4 reviewers (MD, CZ, JD, JT). Let's explore the details of each of them.

MD (3) : is the project creator and therefore has the Manage rights selected by default. He has the Proof Review task assigned (4) and the note color of this reviewer will be Red and he will receive notification only when someone will comment on his notes (5).

JD and JT are both in charge of Routing the proof to the next STEP. This has been achieved by checking the Route to Next Step option (6)

The Rule for Routing proofs to next step is determined by the Route to next Step option (7) : When ANY or ALL of them have completed their task.

Step Options

You can customize STEP behavior with the options below (1) :

(2) : Set a deadline to the step. This will makes all tasks of this step expiring at this date. Optionally, you can force routing to next step at deadline, This help to make a fully automated scheduled routing without the need of users doing anything.

(3) : Use pin code locked invitation (2FA) : This helps to enforce security of guest involved in this step. When a Guest will open the task received from Aproove, he will have to enter a Pin code. This Pin Code will be instantly sent by Aproove when the Guest will enter the task. Please note that this pin code is only valid for the session opened by the guest. It cannot be used to reopen the task somewhere else.

(4) : Send automated reminders : This will send automated reminder to reviewers if they do not complete their task quick enough.

(5) : Set a step color : This helps to improve Workflow step display by colorizing it. This color code will be used to enhance dashboard display of tasks.

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