Project's tasks Tracking

Project Tracking is a day to day task that is easily handled by the My projects menu.

According to filters on task status from the main dashboard screen or from the header of the Project list, you can immediately see what project is Late, at risk, on time, etc. And within those projects, how many task are in this status.

My project view

This view gives you a good viewpoint on your running project with more details compared to Dashboard view. This grid will give you access to your project details (see below).

Each line is a project summary with :

- All the project's tasks status and count of them per status (Late, At risk, On time and Done)

- All the project's proofs status and count of them per status (Approved, Rejected, Commented or no status)

Filtering Projects per task status

By Clicking on the header button of the project list (see below), Aproove will sort automatically

projects that have such task with the selected status.

Tasks status colors

The color codes are the same as the ones used in the dashboard main screen.

The small figures you see inside the color bars are the effective number of Task in that status.

To see details, click on the project line and you will access project details.

Click here to access project details help

For more information on Proof tracking, click here to jump to proof tracking explained

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