Dashboard Presentation



The main dashboard is the welcome screen. You will always start from there to do anything around your projects. The Dashboard is divided into different sections :

Task in progresss

The Main Task donut

The main task donut is split into 2 sub donuts : One for the sent tasks and one for the received tasks (the small one). When clicking on the small donut, you will access to your to do list of assigned task by other team members to you.

the main donut is the one you will use to follow your running tasks. Close to the donut, on the left, you will see there the main important informations on your running tasks and the coming deadline with color codes :

- RED : late, means that the deadline is reached, but task is uncompleted by the Guest you've assigned on it.

- ORANGE : At risk, means that task will expire within 24 hours.

- GREEN : On Time, means that deadline is above 24 hours.

- GRAY : task is done on time.

Any of these blocks are clickable for you to access details on the project with such deadline status. See Project tracking for more information on it.

Recent activity

The Recent activity log

You will find there all activity event that happened on your running project. this Event log is refreshed in realtime and gives you a direct access to any project. When something happens, just click on it and you will be redirected on it instantly.


Event Notifications popup

Please note that if you did not notice a new event in the list, you will see a popup indicator on the side bar menu close to dashboard item like this :

Recently accessed

Recently accessed projects

The bottom of the dashboard is the recently accessed projects and gives you a direct access to any of your recently "touched" projects.

Recently accessed.png

Recently Accessed buttons

On each line, you have shortcuts to access projects main functions :

- Proofs : Go directly to see proofs on a flat plan display of thumbnails of the whole project, go here for more information (Online proofing / how to access flat plan)

- Details : Go to the main project detail screen, go here for more information (Project details / basic features of project management)

- Invite : Invite someone to review, approve, upload proofs, go here for more information (online proofing / how to share proofs)

- Drive : Access project drive, go here for more information ( File storage and sharing /upload, download, etc.)

- Upload : Submit new or revision proof

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