Create a simple flow

The Flow Level 1 are the simplest automated workflows you can setup in Aproove Premium. The concept is quite simple, it is automating recurrent invitation processes you may have everyday to avoid you to do it manually.

Flow Level 1 are limited to sequential steps with multiple recipients in each step (Parallel + Sequential Workflows) per revision (each revision may have a different workflow). Some predefined multi step flows are ready to use in your Aproove Premium subscription. it is just there for you to start and modify them to become your new template for your usage.

Parameters explained

First step will be to select the Invitation Flow tab when creating a project. When it is done, you have to select the invitation flow template in the drop down list (2).
At (3), you will see the multiple tab that shows you the project lifecycle. It is divided into 2 sections:

- The project creation step : File submission task are possible as no proof have been created yet. This helps you to automate queries to upload files to project at project start.

- The project revision steps : That the workflow sequence that will be applied to each file you will submit to create proofs. So you can define different workflow for each revision, this helps you to handle a different Proof routing across revisions (different people involved in each proof revision). You can for sure also be much simpler by having the same people involved in each revision as a loop, up to you to simplify it by removing the un useful parts of the flow.

4,5 : -You will discover there the flow diagram of the selected revision. It shows you the different steps inside the revision. You can add or remove steps to revision using (9) and (10).

6 : Add the guest you want to involve in that specific step, just add contact name or email addresses
7 : Step's settings : what is the task you will submit for this step to be completed and what will be the conditions to flow to the next step.

Step Settings explained

When setting up a flow, you have access to advanced settings in each step.

1 : Step name and color - just choose a relevant name for you when tracking projects
2 : Hold on Start : keep control of the start of the step. When selected, you will be required to activate the step in order for it to flow. To activate it, please you the show flow option of Project detail menu.
3 : Select annotation color of reviewer included in this step. Please note that if you keep black as default, team members will keep their own annotation colors while if you force another color, this color will override team members's settings.
4 : Advanced task rights, see below for details
5 : Choose default step's expiration date (deadline) for avoiding the flow to be stuck if no one answers and to get notification on LATE, AT RISK, ON TIME status in dashboard
6 : Choose default next step when step's deadline is reached
7 : Choose condition to trigger flow to next step, this can be :

- AT LEAST ONE GUEST ANSWER : one Answer is enough for making proof to flow to next step
- ALL GUEST HAVE ANSWERED : requires all Guest to answer for triggering flow progress
- AT LEAST ONE ANSWER IS : Require at least one answer to be XXXX (you can specify here a specific decision requirement to be made in the Task for triggering progress)
- ALL ANSWERS ARE : Require all answer to be XXXX - very restrictive

8 : Choose step's Task from dropdown list. Usually this is a review task. Stay tuned as custom task will be enabled in Aproove Premium very soon. As of today custom task is only available to Executive and Enterprise plans
9 : Choose next step when condition is fullfilled
10 : Default step's language for raising task to recipients.

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