Introduction to the Aproove Drive

The Drive is your file storage space for everything linked to a project.
You can upload and share any type of file from your drive.

The Drive allows you to preview any file without having to install any local software.

It does support more than 100 file formats including MS Office, PDF, IMAGES, VIDEO, etc.

Once uploaded to the Drive, a file or a folder can be SHARED with anyone inside or outside Aproove.
On the other end, your guest will not need anything to DOWNLOAD the files you dropped them.

If you require someone to submit you a file, just drop an invitation to UPLOAD file and the file will automatically reach the right subfolder of your drive.

Original drive2

Drive iconManage all your file exchanges.

The primary intent of the Drive is to store any kind of asset and getting an instant preview of it.
Any of those asset will

bullet 1 Choose the folder or create a subfolder the way you want

bullet 2 Folder content list

bullet 3 Preview of selected file (you can click to have a bigger preview and browse the pages if this is a multiple page document)

bullet 4 File upload Drop zone or use the Browse button

Operations on File and Folders

bullet 5 Inviting others to upload or download files

bullet 6 Download selected files to your local computer

bullet 7 Delete selected files

bullet 8 Send files to the Online proofing area.

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