How to share proofs for review, approval or both ?

Click on the invitation tool

invitation icon

Original invite

bullet A In this field indicate the email address of your recipient.

bullet B Select the task you want to assign in the drop down list (select question)

bullet 1Collaborate (Review, Annotate, Approval and Rejection)
This task will request your recipient to participate in an online proofing session (make notes if necessary, approve or refuse visuals, etc.). The available decision button in this case will be : APPROVE - APPROVE WITH CHANGES - REJECT

bullet 2Download & upload one/ multiple files
Use this question to invite others to access your briefing (or any other files) previously uploaded to the Drive and to allow your recipient to send you back new files (a new version of your document or visual, for example).

bullet 3File Download (one or multiple)

Use this question to invite and provide access to others to download any file(s) that were previously uploaded to the Drive.

TIP: To put a new version in Aproove, click here

bullet 4File Upload (one or multiple)

Use this question to invite others to upload files to Aproove. The destination of these files can be selected in the invitation options at the bottom of the window if required. By default these files will be uploaded to your private Drive folder. Please note that the files will reach the Drive, not the online proofing area, except if you specify the "job folder" subfolder.

• You can create a personalized message that your recipient will receive in their invitation message.
• If required, change your recipient's default language.
• Now click on "Send " to proceed.


• If you want to invite someone to collaborate on certain pages, select the desired boxes.

• In the upper part of the invitation window you can select "all pages"

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