Teams work in real time

Collaborate on visuals interactively


Push to communicate in real time

Wherever you are, you will never need to refresh your browser to see new annotations or page status changes with Aproove. ‘Push’ technology means everything is immediate and drives interactive collaboration for your Aproove team. Collaborating together with a team has never been so easy!

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Real-time fast hi-res zoom and annotation

Aproove uses a unique technology to work with high resolution files to instantly display any zoom level inside the document. The speed of the system lets Approve work natively with hi-res, making it completely independent of file size and resolution. With Aproove, there is no latency - you don’t have to wait to see the high resolution versions.

The annotations tool is a single button which is smart enough to recognize the context, such as text, image or layout, etc. One single button means it is user friendly and intuitive and there’s no need for training. It is also very efficient, avoiding any misunderstandings between expert professional operators and less knowledgeable team members or guests, such as clients.


Annotation commenting - ‘chat proofing’

All annotations can be commented on by anyone with permission. Comments can be private or public according to users' needs. You can easily post a reply if someone is commenting on one of your annotations or comments. It’s up to you!

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Push to any device

Whatever the device, all push and collaboration capabilities are available on any compatible device. You get the full feature-rich toolset and immediate push collaborative experience of Aproove from Windows PC, Apple Mac, iPad/iPhone and Android devices. With Aproove you annotate and comment faster and smarter!


Some of the Aprooving clients


L'Oréal luxe division has chosen Aproove to cut their operating cost in all their collaboration with their external retouching agencies. Yves Saint Laurent beauté was the first L'Oréal brand to be equiped with a full Aproove solution in December 2013. All their exchanges, uploads, reviews, approvals, content proofing and file distribution with their suppliers and subsidiaries are now handled using Aproove with a massive time saving, total security and comfort. Retouching operations from suppliers where requiring between 24 to 48 hours in the past. Using Aproove, all those operations including certified hardcopy color proofing delivery are now done in real time and does not require anymore carrier with the remote contract proofing option.


"We began using Aproove in our European operations [in 2013], with great success...It reduced the number of physical proofing cycles dramatically, with a resulting drop in paper costs and total time spent on proofing...our earlier process of downloading and distributing PDFs was costly and time consuming, but Aproove has solved this...Aproove is truly innovative."

Staples Europe has tightly integrated Aproove in their internal marketing collaboration workflow with more than 350 registered users and hundreds of guests involved in review and approval, all on the fly from all their Business units in all European countries. Aproove Architecture and its very low hardware footprint has helped Staples to run the whole solution on a single instance Aproove server running on a 2 core virtual machine. The 26 languages of Staples's catalogs and big books production are all done through Aproove from briefing to final approval print. This represent 100.000+ created pages per year. Staples also review all their Web site content through image workflows inside Aproove.

Marco VAN DIJK - Project and System Operations Manager at Staples
RR Donnelley - DSG

"We were in the market for a soft-proofing and collaboration tool that would provide us differentiation with our customers and meet a long list of requirements. As the creative services arm of RRD, our goal is to provide our customers with the best services, solutions and technology offerings.

After reviewing multiple tools in the marketplace today, we selected Aproove. It’s clean, intuitive approach to technology design and functional design met, and in many ways, exceeded our expectations. Aproove looked beyond the annotation of a file and built behind the scenes functionality that supports efficient workflows for those creating content. The response from the Aproove team is exceptional. We were in need of a robust admin workflow builder that was due to release with the ‘next’ Aproove update. Not only was this provided on-time (unlike most software vendors) it also exceeded our needs and expectations.

I have complete confidence in Aproove’s ability to continue to impress us as they continue to enhance their products."

The RRD project is a worldwide distributed architecture deployment of a 25.000 Users license integrated with Adobe Experience Manager using the RPC-Style json API of Aproove - 2017

Kathy Leski, Executive Director Solutions RR Donnelley - DSG

Havas has integrated Aproove in their HubPublishing solution proposal providing remarkable online proofing, online approval features and online collaboration or approval steps. This is widely used between Havas Production services and all the creative agencies of the Havas group.

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