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Invitation and Tasks

The invitation is one of the Core concept of Aproove team collaboration. Whatever the type of project you manage (Graphical design, Powerpoint design, Web design, Adobe Creative Suite, Final cut or Adobe Premiere, etc.) invitation and its micro workflow concept is the tool you will use to assign tasks to your collaborators. The way to do it is very simple: it is like sending a mail with an associated task inside called a "Question". When collaborators have done their job (task), you get notified through your global notification center in realtime. According to final status of a task or decision made by the guest collaborator, automated actions can be taken in order to make the workflow progressing to a next step.


In team collaboration, the most used communication tools are probably the chat tools.

Usually using Facebook messenger, Skype or Yahoo messenger, this technology has replaced most of the usual phone calls and are now part of the standard way teams are discussing. Aproove embeds a powerful instant messaging system enabling teams to discuss in real time about serious subjects... or not. The conversation is either about a running project, and thus it is located at project level or at a general purpose level. Every conversation's threads are stored as part of the project history for later retrieval.

You can keep multiple parallel conversations running on different projects without having to merge all of them into one big mess. You can optionally be advertised when someone is reacting to one of your annotation and start a chat with the person that append some comments on your notes, all of this with a single click.

Comments on note

Some of the Aprooving clients


L'Oréal luxe division has chosen Aproove to cut their operating cost in all their collaboration with their external retouching agencies. Yves Saint Laurent beauté was the first L'Oréal brand to be equiped with a full Aproove solution in December 2013. All their exchanges, uploads, reviews, approvals, content proofing and file distribution with their suppliers and subsidiaries are now handled using Aproove with a massive time saving, total security and comfort. Retouching operations from suppliers where requiring between 24 to 48 hours in the past. Using Aproove, all those operations including certified hardcopy color proofing delivery are now done in real time and does not require anymore carrier with the remote contract proofing option.


"We began using Aproove in our European operations [in 2013], with great success...It reduced the number of physical proofing cycles dramatically, with a resulting drop in paper costs and total time spent on proofing...our earlier process of downloading and distributing PDFs was costly and time consuming, but Aproove has solved this...Aproove is truly innovative."

Staples Europe has tightly integrated Aproove in their internal marketing collaboration workflow with more than 350 registered users and hundreds of guests involved in review and approval, all on the fly from all their Business units in all European countries. Aproove Architecture and its very low hardware footprint has helped Staples to run the whole solution on a single instance Aproove server running on a 2 core virtual machine. The 26 languages of Staples's catalogs and big books production are all done through Aproove from briefing to final approval print. This represent 100.000+ created pages per year. Staples also review all their Web site content through image workflows inside Aproove.

Marco VAN DIJK - Project and System Operations Manager at Staples

Macy's NY has chosen Aproove solution for managing all their picture retouching collaboration task between all marketing teams and the retouching/designer team. Aproove unique technology on displaying accurate High Resolution picture in any colorspace on any device has made a huge difference compared to competition. The low hardware footprint ensure very fast operation even with huge pictures and many concurrent users. The all picture retouching team (more than 30 operators) are happy Aproove users since 2012 and involve anyone at Macy's out of 15.000 users through the Aproove Active directory connector

Hudson's Bay

"...With files centrally located, we’re able to streamline the workflow by eliminating back & forth for reviews. By eliminating & reducing file circulation among the reviewers. The greatest features of the application are version control and the invite feature which also management to Invite non account users into to workflow process."

Hudson Bay Company is located in Canada. They have more than 450 concurrent users and more than 2100 active users through invites in their Aproove solution installed in 2013 providing online proofing and online approval state of the art features into their marketing workflow.


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