Team collaboration: Chat, Invitation and Tasks

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Team collaboration

Managing creative or visual projects may become very tricky and uncomfortable as it requires the use of multiple technologies like email, chat, to do lists... at the same time. Aproove gives you all of that and much more in one single application available from anywhere. For more information about this, check Aproove's base internal concepts, it will let you understand what is behind the scene, where Interactivity, File collaboration and Visual collaboration are all together for helping you to deliver the most complex creative projects on time, what ever the type of visual project you have to deliver : graphical design, powerpoint presentation, Adobe creative suite, Adobe premiere, Final cut or Web design.

About File and Visual Collaboration, check Aproove base concepts



In team collaboration, the most used communication tools are probably the chat tools.

Usually using Facebook messenger, Skype or Yahoo messenger, this technology has replaced most of the usual phone calls and are now part of the standard way teams are discussing. Aproove embeds a powerful instant messaging system enabling teams to discuss in real time about serious subjects... or not. The conversation is either about a running project, and thus it is located at project level or at a general purpose level. Every conversation's threads are stored as part of the project history for later retrieval.

You can keep multiple parallel conversations running on different projects without having to merge all of them into one big mess. You can optionally be advertised when someone is reacting to one of your annotation and start a chat with the person that append some comments on your notes, all of this with a single click.

Invitation collabore

Invitation and Tasks

The invitation is one of the Core concept of Aproove team collaboration. Whatever the type of project you manage (Graphical design, Powerpoint design, Web design, Adobe Creative Suite, Final cut or Adobe Premiere, etc.) invitation and its micro workflow concept is the tool you will use to assign tasks to your collaborators. The way to do it is very simple: it is like sending a mail with an associated task inside called a "Question". When collaborators have done their job (task), you get notified through your global notification center in realtime. According to final status of a task or decision made by the guest collaborator, automated actions can be taken in order to make the workflow progressing to a next step.

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