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Online proofing

Aproove's display technology ensure you a Contractual High Resolution display with accurate colors.

PDF interpretation in Aproove is relying on ADOBE technology to render all PDF files ensuring 100% accurate content. Aproove's proprietary display technology enables real-time asset viewing with incredibly fast and powerful zoom functions. Involve in a snap anyone to review, annotate, approve and manage their visual feedback instantly.

Advanced Online proofing features (Soft Proofing capabilities) are also available for advanced production like packaging with multiple spot colors projects as well as. Color separations display, eyedropper tool with ink coverage and multi-purpose measure tool.

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150 + File format supported : Check the list here

Zoom femme

Instant Zoom in High resolution

Access instantly to any zoom level of your asset with the instant professional zoom capabilities of Aproove. Marquee or single click, it is up to you when using it. Keyboard shortcut are also there in order for you to navigate through assets, zoom levels and revisions. This work using a proprietary Aproove technology giving you the fastest zoom in the market from any device including your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Compare ok3

Compare multiple assets side by side, not only revisions of the same one

Using the comparison tool, you will be able to cover many situations where differences are crucial to detect. Comparing pictures of a shooting in order to select the best one, comparing page folios in order to check their position, as many situations as projects. The comparison tool will be helpful also for QC the final version VS creative version of brochure, pictures or presentation. Image checking and comparison is crucial for photographer or picture retoucher. This tool is a must have in online proofing for photographer.

Compare overlay

Identify differences immediately

Aproove will highlight all differences with red or green mask when a new version is created - see where changes are instantly compared to previous version. Green means new pixels and red means vanished pixels.


Poivron yellow 1

drawing note

Pen Note

The most wanted annotation tool is probably the Pen note. This is most intuitive way to give your comments. This function is simply accessible by keeping the mouse button down while drawing. If you have a pen device, it supports it perfectly like WACOM tablets for an accurate clipping path request (see animated picture for an example). This tool simply replaces any of the classical note you will make using a pen on paper.

Texte monte

text note

Annotate text seamlessly

The annotation tool is able to automatically detect the text and become a very powerful text tool. It automatically highlight the text like using a "STABILO" and grab the text into your your note for editing. A killer feature on this tool is the before/after smart highlighter : everything in green means 'ADDED', everything in red means 'REMOVED' and everything in black means 'NO CHANGE'. This cool feature is showing you instantly what has to be changed according to a before after comparison, even on a full page of text. All the text corrections made in the note popup are done in UNICODE. This permits Aproove to support annotation on any kind of char set like arabic, hebrew, cyrilic, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, etc. and a 100% compatible COPY content and PASTE to Adobe InDesign or Microsoft WORD without any trouble.

On click 1

simple note

Sticky note using a single click

The sticky note or Post it is the simplest way to annotate. One click where you want to put your comment and that's it. While this is easiest tool for most people, this tools is very accurate. The size of the annotation circle when you annotate is zoom level dependent and managed automatically by Aproove. So, a small circle means a finer detail annotation than a bigger circle annotation. This way of annotating is one of the most used on powerpoint slides and retail catalogs (prices blocks).


crop note

Marquee annotation Tool

The box annotation tool is designed to select an accurate area in the layout. Very useful for photographer for getting an accurate feedback from collaborators in order to apply an adequate cropping. In text selection the box tool become automatically a marquee selection tool where text is grabbed. In complex layout like newspaper or magazine, this tool makes a huge difference. Simply use the SHIFT key and mouse in order to enable the marquee selection.


Original aproove reject

Approve or Reject

Online proofing's main target is final approval of your artwork. Aproove does support 2 ways of approving assets.

Approval at asset level, this means that if several users have access to this asset, when approved by one of them, it is considered as approved for all. The other way is the "shared" approval, that means that each user in the project can approve or reject, but this is a per user approval. Final approval will be defined by a logical rule using logical operators like AND and OR.

This gives you a unique way to decide when an asset is approved or rejected based on parallel user decision. You don't need to wait for a user to make a decision in order to ask others decision. They all access at the same time and Aproove will tell you when your approval rules are reached.

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