Fully control
all your file exchanges and storage

Store, Preview, Share, Receive, Archive
& Retrieve any file or any project materials

File sharing

Aproove makes it so simple to share files, with unlimited file size or file types. No more need of File Transfer tools to share big files. All your file deposits are also managed intuitively without the need of any unsecured upload tools you are using today.

All the files you collect from all your guests will be automatically stored in the appropriate folder within your project Drive. You keep the control. All those functions are done via an intuitive drag and drop HTML5 browser interface with instant preview of any file type without the need of an application to be locally installed (i.e: no need of Photoshop to be locally installed to instantly preview any PSD file.)

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Upload & invite to upload

Just drag and drop the file you need to integrate inside your Aproove Project, any type, any size. The Aproove uploader tool is a highly optimized secure and robust tool enabling you to upload file from anywhere even with the poorest Internet connection.

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Download & invite to download

Download any file sent by your guest, or the file you recently dropped in the Drive. No size limit, no type limit, if more than a file is selected, the Drive is building a zip for you on the fly, no time wasted in waiting the zip to be ready, it just starts instantly.

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Any size & any type

Any HD Video, HR PDF, HR picture as well as website can become a project and they can easily be submitted in Aproove Web interface or from your desktop using the local Aproove DROPZONE tool for MAC and PC. Simply drag & drop assets for quick and easy submission with no file size limitations and 100% High Resolution support.

Real online proofing and online approval has never been so possible.

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Trees with unlimited levels

Store and manage your project structure using your own trees. Any number of levels are authorized and gives you the full capacity to organize your work, your sorting and your display the way you need it to be done. The search capabilities will automatically point inside the tree structure to show you


Ranging from Gigabytes to Terabytes

Any size available on request


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We are proud to announce the opening of our new office in Elgin, Illinois... Our office is located in the Midwest to better serve and support the growing number of US customers. The United States has been served exclusively through a few local dealers and integrators. The growing Aproove market, supporting our historical partners and the growing number of Aproove ONE customers in the United States made opening this office a logical decision.Stay tuned!