The Best Way To Annotate JPG

Despite the design industry moving towards using digital tools for the review and approval process, there is still a noticeable lack of progress when it comes to making JPG annotation easier and more efficient for creative teams and their clients.

Annotating JPG files can be the headache of both the client and the designer’s lives, particularly as doing this over email can be reduced to describing various elements of the image. This kind of uncertainty leaves tremendous potential for miscommunications and mistakes, which can be costly for everyone involved.

What should I look for?

What designers need to make their lives easier is accuracy in their JPG annotation tools. For this, you might need an online proofing system designed specifically for JPG annotation. If fit for purpose, such tools give the designer tremendous freedom and additional possibilities in terms of how they’re able to annotate JPG files.

When shopping around for the best way to annotate JPG, look for solutions that aim to increase effectiveness and productivity in your team through its features. There are plenty of solutions that complicate the process by making impressiveness a higher priority than ease of use. Comparatively, sophisticated technology in a user-friendly format is likely to have a much more positive effect on your team.

The annotation tool for JPG should be flexible, with options such as pen, selection box and highlighter available to users, to allow for a more exact process. Additionally, the ability to annotate collaboratively and in real time with your client is one of the most transformative features available to creative agencies, accelerating review and approval considerably.

How Aproove can help

Aproove is powerful cloud based software that enables effective online proofing for creative teams. Our system allows for real time collaboration and comes with a sophisticated yet user-friendly annotation tool for designers, project leads and shareholders alike. The JPG annotation tool consists of a single button, which can be used in a variety of ways including pen, box selection, highlighter, sticky note and more.

The annotation tool is complemented by a range of other features, such as Quicklist, which creates a shared language of terms and phrases to be used in the feedback process for accelerated and more efficient communication.

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