How To Improve Online Collaboration

Collaboration and effective communication are at the heart of every successful project. Although technological advances have, in many ways, made sharing ideas easier and more automatic, it can also leave significant and potentially damaging gaps in understanding that lead to deadlines being missed and work being inaccurate.

Trying to organize workflows and stay up to date with all the goings on, particularly if you’re a company dealing with a lot of projects or content at once, can be an unnecessarily stressful part of project management. Online collaboration can be your company’s biggest shortfalls. If done correctly it allows your employees to be more efficient with their time.

Why Online Collaboration Matters

Cloud-based online proofing software is the ultimate tool for companies to improve their web based collaboration and achieve better results. If you’re getting projects approved over email, endless threads mean that so much content and feedback has the potential to get lost in the in the process or ignored. Technical difficulties and miscommunication are common problems with this method of working, which only extends project timelines and potentially strains your budget.

Moving the management of your project to the cloud, where all relevant parties can contribute ideas and comments in real time will inevitably speed up workflows, make documents more accurate and allow deadlines to be met on time. Online review and approval software opens up possibilities for both collaborative editing and collaborative proofing, streamlining and centralising all elements of the process. Collaborative editing enables decisions to be made quickly while developments are being made to the project, while collaborative proofing gives all parties equal control over its final approval stage.

Additionally, creative agencies are often not set to a fixed location. Members of staff may be working from home or travelling for work, and need quick and easy access to content at a moment’s notice. Hard copy proofing makes this impossible, while email proofing over long distance is a technical error minefield. After using online proofing instead, 75% of respondents to an Intellilink survey said that there was less of a need for time-consuming meetings and were able to simply get on with the job at hand.

How Aproove Can Help

Aproove’s online proofing software is used by some of the most exciting creative teams in the world to centralize project workflows and create seamless, effective collaboration between participants. This increased efficiency is no accident: it’s the result of endless innovative features that create better control over a more comprehensive online environment for staff.

For example, the system incorporates a powerful annotation flow management (AFM) tool, that allows members of your team to write notes and amendments to as much of the project as is necessary without creating confusion. Opening up collaborative networks can be nerve-wracking, as there is often a fear of losing control of the project with too many people making changes at once. This is why Aproove has included a proof routing mechanism, allowing the project lead to define a structured workflow, so you’re always on top of what’s going on.

If you’re still using email proofing or hard copy proofing, you risk falling behind as the rest of your industry speeds up its approval processes and collaborative workflows with online review and approval software. Flexibility and effective communication are absolute key to your company’s success in today’s world, and online proofing can make this a whole lot easier for you.

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