How To Find the Right Tool for Collaborative PDF Annotation

PDF is one of the most widely used file formats for all kinds of creative projects, but there’s a distinct lack of software systems that can support the kind of in depth review and approval processes that go into getting them signed off.

Some systems have their own PDF annotation mechanisms, but these are limited to the absolute basics and aren’t designed to give creative teams the flexibility integral to a productive proofing stage.

This shortfall, in turn, creates costly delays and redrafts, as inefficiencies spill into one another and teams aren’t given the tools they need to communicate effectively with their clients. Having the right PDF annotation tool at your disposal can help make these frustrations a thing of the past, but what features should agencies be looking out for?

Issues with current methods

First-rate PDF annotation software responds to issues most urgently being faced by creative teams at the moment and sometimes this involves falling at the first hurdle. File sharing is a major roadblock when it comes to annotating PDF files in the creative and design industries. Many of these documents are of a considerable size, such as catalogues and user manuals, and there aren’t enough systems that can accommodate them.

Annotation is also something that can easily become messy if it’s not being managed correctly. With everyone adding their own comments at different times, the document can wind up being covered in confusing notes that create more miscommunication than they resolve.

What do I need to look out for?

Real time collaboration is an asset whose importance that is consistently underrated by the creative industries. Being able to annotate a PDF in a single, meeting-room like the simplest way over a cloud based server keeps the process under control and makes sure everyone is communicating effectively. A PDF annotation tool which allows you to collaborate in an instant, controlled manner will transform your approval times.

Look for solutions that aim to increase the overall effectiveness of your team without being too complex to use. Remember that your client will need to understand the proofing software too, irrespective of their level of expertise. Simple annotation tools that are highly visual and intuitive will make your entire proofing process clearer.

Although somewhat of a rarity, compatibility with your original design software can transform the review and approval stage of your project, allowing you to make edits in record time and ensure that everything is being displayed accurately.

How Aproove can help

Aproove is powerful proofing software that enables effective PDF annotation for creative teams. With our system, project leads are given the ability to design custom workflows and oversee the real time collaboration of designers and shareholders to streamline everything through to approval.

Our cloud based server can accommodate over 180 different file types, including PDFs of any size. We are also one of the only proofing solutions that uses the original libraries from Adobe and Microsoft to ensure accurate display of your project files every single time, also with high resolution zooming capabilities.

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