How Online Collaboration Can Transform Your Small Business

Every small business is faced with the familiar challenge of doing everything your larger competitors can do with fewer staff and a tighter budget. However, if you can meet or even exceed your client’s expectations in this area, you are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

Finding the tools that are the most cost-effective yet yield the highest-quality results over time is a vital component of this success, and the market is saturated with software and systems that make lofty promises.

If you look past all the jargon, what every small business needs is an online tool that facilitates collaboration and makes the process of delivering for clients as smooth as possible. Online proofing software will help you communicate effectively with both team members and clients, developing efficient workflows and meeting all deadlines.

More Productive Teams

Productivity is a key way for small businesses to set themselves apart from their competition. If your client is impressed with not only the end result, but the clarity and speed of your process, they are far more likely to come back for more or recommend you to another company.

By having an entire project hosted in the cloud that all participants can access, mark up and review, communication becomes seamless and approval is accelerated in line with or even beyond expectation. With online collaboration, your team is protected against the risk of technical meltdown over email or vital information getting lost in the inbox ether. Honest mistakes, but certainly detrimental to your company’s success and entirely preventable with the right tools.

Aproove’s online proofing software not only allows you to collaborate and approve projects in real-time, but also includes effective feedback management and task list dashboards to ensure everyone is up to date on the latest progress.

Cut Costs

One of the most common financial strains on small businesses, creative agencies and startups is the losses incurred by missing deadlines due to inefficient time or project management. Again, this isn’t helped by the inefficiency of email or hard copy proofing, which is fragmented and time-consuming at the best of times.

Online collaboration and collaborative editing gives clients and partners the ability to provide clearly visible feedback in real-time on a centralised server, and allows a quick and accurate response. This can cut precious hours that would have otherwise been spent compiling various tidbits of information from separate sources, digging through email threads and applying feedback bit by bit, instead of all in one go. Making sure you do not miss any customer corrections or special requests.

With Aproove’s controlled workflows, there’s little room for miscommunication. Closed loop reviewing, for instance, allows project leads to more effectively respond to comments by selecting appropriate questions to ask team members from an automated list.

More Opportunities for Growth

As we’ve already mentioned, small businesses and startups are working with tighter budgets than some of their more generously-funded competition. Nonetheless, it would be a shame to miss out on essential expertise and business because you don’t have access to the right tools, or your project management mechanisms appear inefficient to those you’re looking to work with.

Online collaboration gives small businesses added power to benefit from expertise and clientele all over the world for no extra cost, bringing all the information together on a single, easy-to-use platform. You could manage a project on the other side of the planet with the same effort you would put into managing one down the street from your office.

For small businesses, it’s not just about any old online collaboration; it’s about using the right online collaboration tools that will help your business grow through improved project management while reducing costs.

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