How Aproove Uses Original Adobe Libraries for Improved Accuracy

Online proofing is a process centered on accuracy. So why is it that so many online proofing solutions that claim to be foolproof fail to accurately display files, leading to time-consuming and costly mistakes? This is particularly critical when you consider the challenges faced by those who produce content, whether that’s tight deadlines or ever-changing standards and regulations.

Some may ask: what’s the big deal if something is a slightly different shade of pink or the text is a few point sizes larger? Image professionals may even expect discrepancies to occur when switching between their design and proofing softwares. However, this can leave your client confused when the final result doesn’t match the proof that they OK’d.

If you’re not picky about such minute details - maybe you even consider them to be insignificant - this is all the more reason to use a solution that can take care of them for you. Aproove uses the original Libraries from approved vendors, including Microsoft and Adobe, to display files with absolute accuracy, ensuring that your review and approval process is consistent from start to finish.

Why Does Aproove Use Original Adobe Libraries?

With Aproove, what you see is exactly what you get. Our solution works with the world’s most commonly-used software applications and proprietary file formats directly so that your files display in Aproove exactly as they do in their native systems.

Whereas most online proofing solutions accept the so-called inevitability of inaccuracies, Aproove decided to do something about it. When our clients were running into difficulties with their files coming up differently than in Acrobat and Acrobat Pro, leading to their final print being imperfect, we got in contact with Adobe to see what could be done to fix this.

Today, Aproove is the only cloud-based online proofing software which uses original Adobe Libraries to guarantee complete accuracy. Using Adobe’s PDFL (PDF Library), Aproove users not only benefit from a smoother rendering and collaboration process, but the ability to grab and extract tons of information from their PDF documents. The PDFL is the mother of all Libraries concerning PDF in Adobe systems, the very highest level of operation. Aproove uses this exact same technology to streamline our users’ proofing processes through to final approval.

How Does It Work?

Aproove processing consists of multiple steps, all working seamlessly to display accurate, high resolution files in a way that is still user-friendly.

  • First, any kind of file is converted into a roster image. In the case of PDF, the file has to be rendered into TIFF using the Adobe PDFL.
  • At the same time, Adobe PDFL extracts all the metadata it can out of the PDF, such as text information, links information, image information and embedded information.
  • Once we have this roster file, it goes through Aproove’s patented technology for being filed and generating the multilevel file.

What Difference Does It Make?

Using original Adobe Libraries means that Aproove has the ability to give its users the best of both worlds. With Aproove, creative teams can benefit from a rendering of their project files that is both error-free and super speedy, displaying in the highest possible resolution. This way, clients can view and annotate everything seamlessly without the need to go through it all again when the final print doesn’t turn out right, making the proofing process more straightforward than ever.


In Aproove, original Adobe Libraries combine with our very own ICC technology for the most exact contract proofing imaginable. When the files are generated, our patented technology also colour corrects them to make sure they are being displayed accurately.

Due to the large number of variables involved in the rendering process, other systems are simply not able to guarantee a sufficient level of accuracy in the content or colour of the final proof. By using Libraries from the world’s leading software applications and our patented ICC technology, we can ensure that all files are displayed in Aproove Drive exactly as they are in their original systems.


Not only does Aproove display the most accurate possible rendering of your project files, your review and approval process will be streamlined and simplified with much faster zooming capabilities. Most products in the proofing arena essentially just generate thumbnails, leading to slower loading and processing times. In Aproove, you just load the files you need, because everything is pre-rostered using original technology, allowing you to instantly zoom anywhere.

Thanks to our unique and powerful system, Aproove allows you to see high resolution content in every instance of the proofing process. Our processing speed varies depending on whether you’re using a public or private platform, but is typically in the thousands per hour.

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