Do I Need A Design Proofing Checklist?

We all know there’s a lot that goes into creating the final proof of any project. To an outsider, it may seem like an easy enough process to manage, but there are potentially hundreds of specifications from the client that serve as the building blocks for any creative team.

Before the project is signed off, it’s important to make sure that not a single one of these specifications has been missed and that the client is happy with the work. That’s why many designers use a design proofing checklist during the review and approval process.

What is a design proofing checklist?

A design proofing checklist is a document that helps designers and clients organize the review and approval process so that everything that needs to be verified can be done so efficiently before the project is published or sent to print.

The checklist will usually list all the elements of the project, such as fonts, spacing, colors, spelling and more to make sure every detail is exactly as the client wants it. Sometimes, the client will be asked to sign the design proofing checklist to protect the designer against a client who hasn’t communicated their needs or checked the document thoroughly if mistakes become apparent after the project has been signed off.

Without a design proofing checklist or an alternative tool that serves the same purpose, many opportunities for errors are created, which could cost the designer and the client significant amounts of money for delays and corrections.

Do I need one?

Design proofing checklists became popular during a very different time in the design industry, when technology wasn’t as advanced as it is now and getting things approved efficiently was much trickier as a result.

Design agencies now have access to digital tools that can compile online design proofing checklists for you and the client or have an alternative system in place to go through the project files.

Plenty of project management and online proofing software is available that aims to translate the design proofing checklist to the digital age while making it more efficient. While it was once the quickest way of getting a project approved, the design proofing checklist has been superseded by software and is now considered an outdated method.

How Aproove can help

Aproove is powerful software that enables effective online proofing for creative teams. Our system has everything you need to streamline a project through to approval while making sure every aspect of its realization is being considered.

With Aproove, you benefit from controlled, customizable workflows that keep the project on track, just as a design proofing checklist would. The major difference is that with Aproove, your approval process is enhanced with real time annotation features and collaboration with your client in our secure, cloud based server, full compatibility with leading design software and automatically generated actions and task lists based on your settings.

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