At last… Finally, cloud-based proofing that wraps in everything packaging specialists need

Packaging! Wonderful, exciting and challenging

Many would agree that packaging is a wonderful and exciting area of design. Amazing creative, innovative materials and the development of product packaging that may endure for many years, can make it a thrilling and rewarding specialism.

However, it is not without its challenges. Of all the areas of creative that need to be proofed for production, packaging is probably one of the most complex and exacting.

Substrate materials might include glass, metals and foil, paperboard, plastic film and rigid plastics; there’s textured type, 3D, carton folding and finishes… We could go on, but you get the idea.

Quite simply, there are a lot of factors that may need to be considered when proofing packaging.

Review and proofing tools fit for packaging

It follows, that when proofing projects, packaging specialists need more advanced tools than those that specialize in other areas of creative.

Legacy solutions such as Kodak Insite, ESKO WebCenter, tend to be powerful, but high cost. Creatives and marketers see them as somewhat clunky to use as they are designed for engineers and technical people. Many people share the view that they are not very friendly to the review process as they are primarily geared to quality control.

Over the last 10 years or so there has been an enormous shift to the cloud and online application software. One of the problems of using conventional cloud-based solutions for packaging projects is that they are too lightweight and can’t quite cope with the demands of proofing.

Take packaging proofing online with Aproove’s heavyweight features

Aproove is part of the wave of next-gen online software solutions that have overtaken and superseded older cloud-based apps. It has also been designed by experts in creative workflow traffic management and pre-press solutions.

As a result, Aproove brings the latest software technology together with detailed knowledge of workflow and processes to create an ‘easy’ cloud-based approach to packaging proofing.

Like the legacy solutions, you get the tools that are right for proofing packaging. But you also get the tools that can easily be used by non-technical people and which are right for collaborating and performing reviewing.

Aproove merges the strengths of legacy solutions with the usability we need for the way we work today. Creative agencies and pre-press houses enjoy the convenience and cost benefits that come with the more efficient processes of a user-friendly cloud solution.

There are essential capabilities that packaging professionals require. Aproove offers a set of unique features in a combination unmatched by any other comparable cloud solution:

  • Color separation display
  • Spot color display
  • Accurate overprint simulation
  • ICC support for accurate color display
  • Adobe Engine for accurate content display (no artifact)
  • Eye dropper tools for getting all layer values and ink coverage
  • Dimensional measurement tools
  • Barcode checker supporting over 40 protocols including QR

Proof packaging online like never before with Aproove

When time is money, Aproove lets creative agencies and pre-press houses producing packaging save time, manage better and deliver faster. Minimize costs and optimize management with a system trusted by 65,000+ creatives to collaborate on millions of projects.

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