Aproove Feature Update June 2019

Check out Aproove's June 2019 feature enhancement release, which is now live!

June 2019 Features...

New Comparison Tool

  • Ghost Object Comparison. Side by Side, Overlay, and Pixel compare mode are popular features inside Aproove, but now we have added a new tool that will automatically "ghost" out content which has not changed between versions leaving only the changed content in full color. This new feature is found in the highlight differences menu which will go RED and tell you that differences exist or stay green to show no differences exist between the versions selected. From here, you can choose between Pixel Comparison (Show differences) or Ghosted Comparison (show changed objects).

New Filter View

  • Show Changed Proofs. Expanding on our approved, rejected, and annotated filters, you can now Immediately identify changes between revisions by selecting the "show changed proofs" filter. New proof versions uploaded are automatically scanned to detect if any changes occurred between revisions, even on proofs that were not marked up for correction. This filter is a quick and easy way to ensure you only review content that changed between versions & capture any content that should not have changed in the first place!

Annotation tool improvements

  • Add proofing comments across multiple pages. From the Flat Plan View, select the pages you wish to annotate, click the Annotate button, and your proofing comments will be applied to your chosen pages. A great feature if you want to repeat an instruction across multiple pages or proofs!
  • Apply Notes and Annotations across multiple pages. You have always been able to add notes and annotations on specific objects within a page, but now you can choose to add your notes to all pages, or all pages in the current section. This fantastic time-saving feature ensures a consistent message across multiple pages where specific content is the same location such as a logo or promotion.

For Enterprise customers only

  • The New Workflow tracking tool lets you keep track of your tasks and proofs progression within a workflow. Visual indicators on each step of your bespoke workflows will show you where your proofs and tasks are residing, giving you a bird's eye view of everything that's going on in your project.

How to migrate to the HTML5 Interface

Aproove did not force users to adopt the new HTML5 interface as many users wanted to migrate at a time more convenient for them and their customers.

As Flash continues to depreciate, here is a reminder that you can quickly move to our new modern HTML5 interface in a couple of clicks.

From your account settings, select the use HTML5 option, by doing this, you will also ensure any guests you invite will also enjoy the modern HTML5 interface alongside you.

Aproove will no longer accept Flash related support issues from July 1, 2019, unless prior agreement and a migration plan are in place.

Watch this space in the coming months as we continue to recruit some of the best minds in the industry to help evolve Aproove globally.

Shortly you will see our new website launch, which will contain helpful videos, tips, webinars, and information to help you maximize your Aproove experience.

We also have significant product enhancements on the horizon, and we will continue to keep you fully informed as we evolve and innovate the Aproove product range.

Go to Aproove.com for more information on pricing and editions.

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