Aproove Version 4 Launch

We are excited to announce that Aproove Version 4.0 is now available for our Aproove ONE Standard, Premium and Enterprise customers.

Below are some of the main highlights of the significant feature enhancements along with a list of core engine upgrades that make your Aproove experience even better!

So Whats New?

Improved Deeper Zoom!

  • Now you can zoom ever deeper into your proofs in the HTML5 Review Interface with twice the zoom level allowing you to check those finer details such as small text.
    (Enterprise edition allows the zoom level to be set per project)

Production / Packaging & Barcode Tools Now Available

  • For Aproove ONE Standard users, we have added useful rotation tool, and for our Premium and Enterprise customers, further, Production/Packaging tools are available, including a barcode/postal reader, color densitometer, measurement tool, and color separations viewer.

Full Text Search Within Proofs

  • Now you can search for text content within any of your proofs from the flatplan View or thumbnail tray in the review interface. The intelligent search engine will display search hits as you are typing. Select any search result or navigate through them all. You can even apply notes to single or multiple search results without leaving the search engine.

New Comparison Tool

  • We have added the Ghost Object Comparison tool that will automatically "ghost" out content that has not changed between versions leaving only the changed content in full color.
  • If that is not enough you can even download a JPEG preview which shows the ghosted view between versions!

Apply proof instructions inside the enhanced Flatplan and much more!

  • Now a user can select single or multiple proofs and apply proof instructions, which will appear in the notes tray for each proof. Extremely useful if, for example, you want to send the same page instruction across multiple proofs.
  • Users can now select pages and make approval decisions without going inside the proof.
  • The flatplan has been enhanced to clearly show the page status with quick filters using either a proof thumbnail or color status view.
  • New "show changed proofs" filter is a quick and easy way to ensure you only review content that changed between versions & capture any content that should not have changed in the first place!

Apply Notes and Annotations across multiple pages

  • Now you can choose to add your notes to all proofs, or all proofs in the current section. This fantastic time-saving feature ensures a consistent message across multiple pages where content is the same location such as a logo or promotion.

Time Tracking

  • For our enterprise customers, timesheets can get inserted into the workflow on any steps which (optionally) must be completed to finish an assigned task. The timesheet can also get filled out manually (shown below). Rates and cost centers can be added to suit your bespoke requirements, and all data can get exported.

Team "To Do" List

  • For our enterprise customers, you now have a team "To Do" concept. Tasks can get sent to a group rather than an individual. Any team member can self assign the task (which removes it from the un-assigned list), or a manager can individually assign "un-assigned" tasks or re-assign tasks already allocated.

Workflow Tracking Tool

  • The New Workflow tracking tool lets you keep track of your tasks and proofs progression within a workflow. Visual indicators on each step of your bespoke workflows will show you where the proofs and tasks are residing, giving you a bird's eye view of everything that's going on in your project.

HTML5 Video Support

  • Video support is now available in our HTML5 interface and is a fully functional beta. It is fully functional and allows for timeline comments and version comparison. We will be enhancing the user interface in version 4.1 which is coming soon.

But wait, there is even more!

We ran out of space to describe everything, so here is a list of other maybe less glamorous features but vitally important enhancements that got added in version 4.0.

Other Features:

  • Zoom in on cropped invitations using the deep zoom feature
  • Support of print proof request in the HTML5 viewer (connect to remote printing devices)
  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA) support on mobile devices
  • Support of page or proof sections determined by naming convention with the ability to control granular access with permissions

Dashboard Enhancements:

  • Enhanced proof view navigation to help customers who have hundreds or thousands of proofs in a project
  • Several new columns and filters spread across the customizable user dashboards
  • Optimization for faster and more responsive dashboards
  • Less intrusive real-time dashboard updates which notify the user who refreshes the dashboard when convenient
  • Various minor fixes for different browsers, including Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Chrome.

Engine and API:

  • New REST API
  • Many new functions in the RPC API
  • Optimized file downloads using local agent improves the scalability of multiple download requests
  • Support for managing jobs with or without deep zoom at project template level to save on disk space and CPU when deep zoom is not required
  • Improved SAML support for multiple IDP (multi-portal infrastructure)
  • New action to archive/restore projects
  • New action to manipulate metadata (set, update)
  • Many workflow feature enhancements in the workflow editor (decision-based workflows)
  • Time tracking support at a workflow level

Aproove Agent (RIP):

  • Optimized to allow for huge files (4 gig and above) to RIP with no memory issues
  • Increased and improved parallel RIP processing to accommodate any preferred RIP configuration rules
  • RGB to RGB conversion does not use ICC when no source and destination profile is in use
  • Streamlined local processing when the agent is installed on the webserver (no network transfer, no compression, no splitting) saving approx 15% ripping time
  • Support for PDF XFA (PDF Forms)
  • Improved naming convention support for versioning

Any questions? Please get in touch to request a demo.

Keep an eye out for our new website launch coming soon!

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