Aproove Feature Update December 2019


Season's Greetings From Aproove!

Aproove would like to thank all our clients and associates for all your business and support during 2019!

As an early Christmas present, we wanted to announce version 4.0.2, which will be available for all our AprooveONE and Enterprise customers from today!

This minor release contains some excellent new functions for AprooveONE along with some significant workflow, SSO, and configuration enhancements, for our Enterprise customers. See below for further details.

Select what proof gets annotated in the note tool

When Reviewers create a note or annotation, they now have the option to apply the note on any specific page/s across the project. Enterprise customers that use sections will also see a section breakdown and have the option to apply the note across any section/s or specific pages within sections.


Show Assignee of each task in Project View

Now users no longer need to click into a project to see who is involved. Users can now add a new column in "My Projects" to display the project stakeholders, with each stakeholder's avatar showing more information when you hover above it. As with all the columns, each user can position and arrange the columns according to personal preference!.


Other Enterprise Features and Workflow Enhancements

Import Metadata from a JSON file dropped into a hot folder

Drop a JSON file containing metadata into a hotfolder and Aproove will automatically inject the metadata into the projects. (Technote available)

Relabel versions

This enhancement allows you to name proof versions to match your internal business logic. Eg. Version 1 could be called Round 1 (or whatever you want).

Workflow and step option, which forces new proofs entering the workflow to the same step as the proofs already in the workflow

Administrators can apply this new feature to any workflow or step. This option forces new proofs entering the workflow (after the workflow has already started) to get added at the same step as the proofs already in the workflow. The function will work no matter where the proofs enter the workflow, be it via a hotfolder, upload or api.

Allow metadata to populate contact groups dynamically in workflow steps

Metadata passed into Aproove from a 3rd party system can be used to dynamically set the groups in a workflow based on a metadata value.

Enterprise SSO

Update group settings at the login step

SSO will check if group membership on the IDP has changed since the last login before authenticating a user. If changes are detected, e.g., a user moves from one department to another in the client's SSO environment, then it will be honored in Aproove automatically.

Add default schema settings in SAML 2.0 provisioning

Enables the IDP to specify an Aproove Schema when provisioning the users

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