5 ways creative agencies deliver it better with Aproove

Minimize organic collaboration and proofing that soaks away time and money

Many in creative environments find that collaborating when developing or proofing digital content can be a somewhat organic process. Sure, we all have an ideal workflow that we would like to follow, but with conventional approaches to originating creative and communicating with fellow creatives and clients, we can get dragged a little off script.

That's because conventional tools like email and unstructured commenting leave room for the process to develop organically, allowing it to deviate from the ideal workflow that soaks away time and money.

Aproove lets people managing creative projects to structure the workflow so that the potential for an unstructured, organic process is minimized. Aproove was designed by workflow and pre-press experts to optimize the efficiency of your creative and approval processes.

Here's 5 ways creative agencies deliver it better with Aproove.

1.Eliminate version confusion

Aproove eliminates version confusion and lets all project team members know when a new version has been posted. Aproove push technology sends real-time alerts so the whole team can be made aware, right away. The system displays older versions in seconds permitting very fast 'before and after' comparisons between different versions.

2.Close the reviewing loop

Aproove enables closed loop reviewing and minimizes the potential for an organic proofing process developing. This lets the people managing projects anticipate the comments of team members by asking a question that fits in with this part of the process. Choose questions from a list, save time and focus on what's important to getting to the next stage.

3.Design custom workflows

Design the workflow to suit the way your agency wants to work. Workflow design gives you control of access to digital assets, project material and process flows. You can automate actions with triggers by pre-configuring rules and policies. When you need to integrate with other systems, Aproove has the flexibility to fit with how you need to work.

4.Real-time hi-res

Aproove works so fast with hi-res, it's real-time. There's no annoying lag while it has to think before it can re-draw the page or image. It simply displays what you want to see, when you want to see it, because of its unique, latency-free technology.

5.Proof anywhere faster

Aproove is in the cloud and its browser based, so you can collaborate on any suitable device connected to the internet. When we say 'suitable device', you can Aproove from a web browser on any Windows PC, Mac OS X, iPad/iPhone and Android device. Aproove has tools that let you annotate and comment faster and smarter.

Deliver digital media faster and better with Aproove

When time is money, Aproove lets creative businesses and agencies producing digital media save time, manage better and deliver faster. Minimize costs and optimize management with a system trusted by 65,000+ creatives to collaborate on millions of projects.

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