What is Online Proofing ?

Online proofing

Collaborative review and approval of any creative project in an internet connected application...

Well this is a quite academic definition, but not that bad.
Online proofing is not to be confused with Soft Proofing.

What is Soft Proofing ?

Soft proofing is the electronic version of the historical hardcopy color proofs used by the printshops or repro companies since half a century. Products like Dupont Cromalin or 3M Matchprint were the leading hardcopy proof products and have disappeared today, replaced by color contract proofing system using inkjet printers like EPSON. The main intent of Soft proofing is to properly render the final printed result like an Epson is able to do using ICC profiles. This induce some very accurate capabilities to render colors and content. Sometime, soft proofing is called "Contract proofs" because they will be used for final approval in a printing production environment.

Can I expect both Soft and Online Proofing from a single application ?

Yes, sure. But only a very few of them are really able to do it. In the Saas industry, on this specific subject, Aproove looks to be the only one able to combine contract content display with easy collaborative feature. Aproove includes the best of both world : Accurate technical display with the flexibility of a creative tool. You don't have to be worried about all technical things at the back, Aproove does it well. Aproove relies on 2 major technologies to ensure you this result :

- Aproove patented technology for the rendering on any devices (good display). It ensure you accurate colors using ICC standards, and instant high resolution display on any devices.
- Genuine Adobe technology to interpret PDF content ensuring you a 100% accurate content rendering. Both together gives you the best contract proof solution and online proofing on the market. Other online proofing are simply not able to warranty you anything about content or colors because this is very complex due to too many variables. That's true, but Aproove does it and there is no magic, we developed it! Ask Macy's in NYC, they use it all day long since years as a soft proofing tool while Staples use it to online proof hundreds of thousands of pages per year across 26 countries with above 500 concurrent users.

Is Online proofing "only" enough for me ?

Online proofing only at the creative stages may be enough, but once you need to finally produce your creative work outputted from your Online proofing system, you will need to process again all your files into a production certified environment (a real soft proofing system) and surprises will arise in most of the case.
Using Aproove, no surprise at the Soft proofing's later stage at the printshop or from your repro company. Aproove is accurate from square 1.

If your creative work is not to be used for final print, the issue will totally remain as for example on image retouching for photographer or for web usage. Only a system with a proper color management is able to warranty you that all you see is what you will get at the end. Ask image or web professionals, they will explain you how hard it is to maintain a color calibrated workflow. Aproove does it and will not require you to become a color Guru, just use it.

The questions to raise for an accurate and professional system are simple :

• How do you interpret PDF files ? What is your engine ? If this is not genuine Adobe technology, go away, that's not secure.
• How do you manage colors and display ? Have you any control on colors ? If answer is 'no color management', forget about getting what you've seen on your screen elsewhere.
• Are you able to display native resolution of any asset ? ie. Full resolution of images or PDF ? If not, go away, you're waste your time, many system are able to do it.

How different is Online Proofing compared to other technologies ?

Online proofing takes the concept behind soft-proofing and moves it forward by supporting much more file format and other kind of media like Video. Other technologies are manly the email clients like outlook, gmail with scanned documents and back and forth email with indication or correction request inside it... A nightmare.

The major difference with and without a good Online proofing system will be :

• No more email storm.
• No file size limitation in review, upload and download.
• No software install required, no IT involvement.
• No more FTP, DropBox or WeTransfer required for sending large files.

Who uses Online Proofing ?

The obvious answer would be the creatives, but today, anyone who needs to create and manage documents, artwork, pictures, movies, is a potential user. Using Aproove, you will save a huge amount of valuable time doing only your job and automate all the rest. This may at least save your day or much more.

Aproove is a unique solution combining the best Online proofing with Soft proofing quality in a powerful File management system (DAM).

We're proud to announce the new coming release of Aproove. Above many slight improvements on the Online Proofing Review interface, Aproove V3.0 will integrate many new world class advanced workflow features and new file format support including Autodesk Autocad format, advanced HTML5 with text support annotation and many more.