$79.00 p/m*

1 Super User and 1 User included
*Billed annually, $86.00 billed monthly
Aproove One


$300.00 p/m*

1 Super User and 1 User Included - Paid annually for a 3 years agreement
*Billed annually, $340.00 billed monthly
Aproove One Premium


$2,270.00 p/m*

Starting price with 750 GB
*Price per month for a 3 year plan - Billed annually only
Aproove Executive

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Fair trial policy : purchase a plan during your trial period and be fully refund of your remaining trial days

* Hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud. See our Security whitepaper
** : Additional users and storage available as option, see pricing calculator

Frequently asked questions on Aproove ONE

how works the 14 days free trial

How does the 14 day trial work?

The trial period is a fully featured Aproove ONE account restricted to 1 Super User. If you require more accounts, you will have to purchase a plan with the number of Super Users and Users you need.

Will I lose my free trial days if I purchase before 14 days?

No, you can upgrade at any time and any remaining days on your trial will be refunded on your first payment.
project manager

What is a Super user?

A Super User is capable of creating an unlimited number of new projects. They can have any role in any project. See here for more information on roles.

The first Super User created is also the ONE master account manager in charge of registering other Users or Super Users in the team. They can also manage general settings like plan and options.


What is a User?

A User is a person that has no admin rights in the portal, but can be involved with any role in any project. See here for more information on rolesRemember that a User cannot create projects, but can be part of any of them, and invite an unlimited number of guests.

team collaboration

What is My Team?

The Team is the group of Users and Super Users managed by the main ONE admin account. The allocated disk space is shared across the team and enables the members to store files and proofs. Read more about the Team collaboration here
what is a guest

What is a Guest?

A Guest is an external or internal collaborator exclusively involved using an invite. A Guest is able to assess specific projects or parts of a project through an invitation sent by a registered User with a project manager role in the project.

what is online proofing

What is a Proof?

A Proof is file or part of a file (1 page from a multipage PDF for example) submitted in the online proofing area of your project. Its purpose is to get visual feedback using annotations/page mark ups and approvals. The proof view also enables operators and project managers to check the status of a project's elements like pages, video sequences, Images and web pages and initiate approval/rejection of the job as required. A Proof requires the original file to be processed using the Aproove engine in the Cloud. Read more about the Online Proofing

What is Storage?

Aproove projects contain two elements: The Drive and the Proofing area. The drive is a cloud storage area for any content required for collaboration, exchange or online proofing submission. The online proofing function is the visual collaboration platform in Aproove where you share, annotate and collaborate with anyone using any kind of content without the need to have additional software installed that otherwise would be required to open the native application files. Read more about the Storage
what is azure by microsoft

What hosting options are available?

Aproove runs in the cloud using Microsoft Azure infrastructure and exact hosting specifications depend on your chosen subscription package.
• Basic plans like Aproove ONE Standard or Premium will share a common infrastructure with other Aproove ONE users, with a 100% confidentiality guarantee. However, there are no performance guarantees as your request will be queued in this shared infrastructure.
• Within the Executive edition you will have your own dedicated Aproove infrastructure which is not shared with any other users. This will enable the Aproove support team to customize this environment to meet your specific needs. For very heavy production requirements, a local dedicated Aproove processing Server can be installed to eliminate the need to upload your original files to the Aproove Cloud, this is called 'Hybrid infrastructure'.

• We also offer a dedicated infrastructure option where you can run the Aproove software on your own private servers in your environment (your own datacenter), or have a distributed infrastructure of Azure servers deployed by Aproove for you with advanced geo redundant capabilities as an option.

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