Aproove base concepts


Aproove Base Concept - The Job and The Drive



File collaboration is a complete set of tools enabling you to totally manage all your file transfer, sharing, preview and storage.
Any kind of file can be saved in the Aproove Drive. From Office documents to PSD or AI, as well as final material can be stored in Aproove's internal digital library (DAM). Aproove makes it simple to share files, with unlimited file size or file types. No more need of File Transfer tools to share big files. All your file deposits are also managed intuitively without the need of any uploader tools. All the files you collect from outside will be automatically stored in the appropriate folder within your project Drive. All those functions are done via an intuitive drag and drop HTML5 browser interface with instant preview of any file type without the need of an application to be locally installed (i.e: no need of Photoshop to be locally installed to instantly preview any PSD file.)
Visual collaboration is using Aproove's proprietary display technology for real-time high resolution viewing with incredibly fast and powerful zoom functions. The Job is the visual part of your project where you will share your ideas with all your guests or co-workers. if you are part of the same annotation group, you will see each other comments in real time. if not, you will not see them, but according the group settings, some managers in your group will be able to see other groups comments and bring them in your groups if required.
This unique way of collaborating on the visual part of your project will give you a unique way to share your ideas with the appropriate persons in a very comfortable area intended for this. This feature is called the AFM tool and it allows you to manage a huge number of comments with a huge amount of concurrent users around your project. Chatting, commenting, isolating or viewing with an unlimited number of persons are the keys features of the Job part of an Aproove project.

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We are proud to announce the opening of our new office in Elgin, Illinois... Our office is located in the Midwest to better serve and support the growing number of US customers. The United States has been served exclusively through a few local dealers and integrators. The growing Aproove market, supporting our historical partners and the growing number of Aproove ONE customers in the United States made opening this office a logical decision.Stay tuned!